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Sangbad Australia Talkies – A new beginning


We have been of the hook for a past few months as we were working on our new venture “Sangbad Australia Talkies”. Sangbad Australia Talkies is our video initiatives, a forum to unfold stories of individuals contributing and connecting to ...

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Remote Access by Tanveer Ahmed


A death in the family prompts some high-tech solutions to the tyranny of distance. The photo was grainy, pixellated and tiny. My uncle’s face was only partially visible, covered by a thin green cloth. A nostril, a scarred ear, the ...

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Dr. Tanveer Ahmed appears in shanghai international literary festival


This Bangladeshi-Australian has had a wonderfully strange career. A practicing psychiatrist, Ahmed transitioned into journalism as a noted expert on multiculturalism and mental health issues. In the spotlight, Ahmed indulged his comedic itch, refereeing a prime-time game show. Perfect preparation ...

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