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Soft drinks in sports – Australian Drug Foundation

A call this week to ban sugary drinks at sports clubs shines a welcome spotlight on how we as a community can make sure our clubs promote good health.

Alcohol, tobacco and obesity together are the three main contributors to disability and death in Australia.

Children deserve a healthy environment to play sport, and that includes making sure healthy food and drink options are the norm – water should be the go-to-drink at games, not fizzy drinks.

The Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Healthy Eating program is already working with more than 126 sporting clubs and associations in Queensland to help them provide healthy food and drinks, as well as manage alcohol responsibly and provide smoke-free grounds.

By providing unhealthy food and drink in our sports clubs we are sending mixed messages.

It’s time we think more carefully about the kinds of food and drink we sell in our clubs and make sure that our kids are getting healthier when they’re out playing sport.

Daniel Egan, QLD Good Sports Manager, Australian Drug Foundation.