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MicJa Production – a generationX music group

In July 2010 four inspirational youngsters predominantly from the Bangladeshi community started a music group called MicJa, focusing on Western music. Sangbad Australia took the opportunity to uncover their story and present it to the greater Australian community. MicJa is the result of dedicated music lovers and could set an example for those looking for direction in the world of music. Members of MicJa met up with the Sangbad team recently to express their views on music and the possibility of injecting fresh blood in to the industry from the Bangladeshi community.

From left Aayan Ahmed – KleF – Music Manager/Producer
Timothy Maurice – maurvibe – Co-Producer
Shakil Ahmed – Shak – Micja Manager
Dezirhea Ricketts – Dezi – Promotional/Graphic Design Manager

We came to know about this musical band back in 2010 when we were media partnering with Bangladesh Mela at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park (Bangladesh Mela didn’t continue their journey because of incurring a loss).

MicJa stands for “Microphone Jar”. The group wanted to buy a professional Microphone to record their music but haven’t had the money to buy one since everyone in the group was and still are students. So then they got this idea of putting money (5-10 bucks each) in a jar every time they got together for a rehearsal. Their strong will and determination paid off and after a few months they had enough money to buy their first professional microphone. Since their journey started buying a Microphone from the money collected in the Jar, the group came up with this innovative name for their music production.

The driving force for the group is the MiJa Manager Shakil Ahmed (Music name: Shak). He is so determined to pursue his dream and got his own young brother to accompany him as Music Manager/Producer in the group as a true music talent with music production and his name is Aayan Ahmed (Music name: Klef). The third member and the only female member in the group is Dezirhea Ricketts (Music name: Dezi) who is so determined to lift MicJa up with her Promotional and Graphics Designing skills.  The fourth and the final member who replaced (Faiyaz) is another true talent named Timothy Maurice (Music name: Maurvibe) who is the Co-Producer and adds diversity with his Egyptian background. Everyone in the group is so versatile and at their best when writing lyrics, making music and singing.

Since the birth of MicJa, the group has performed in a few live shows with their biggest and most significant event at the Bangladesh Mela in 2010 where they had the opportunity to perform with Austalia’s Got Talent 2010 winner Justice Crew (internationally recognised for his hits – Friday to Sunday, Best Night and his latest hit Everybody). MicJa so far has released 4 albums and they are album #1 Shak & KleF – Where It Began, album #2 KleF & Fuzzy – Back In the Day, album #3: Shak – No Emotions and album #4 KleF – The Confuzzled Young Man. These albums have produced quite a few hit songs which are greatly appreciated by the young generation in the Bangladeshi and Indian communities.

MicJa has a clear vision to pursue their dreams – they like music and plan to play music as long as they can. They sometimes find it very hard as people from the community may think negatively about them because of their musical style but at the same time they receive encouragement from their families and many others from the community. Currently they are working on their fifth album and on some music videos which will be released on YouTube in 2014.

Each of the group members believes that Sangbad Australia will be playing a big role by helping the young generation in the community reach the first generation. They highly appreciated the initiative of having a newspaper written in English from the community which they will be able to read. As well as connecting them with the older generation in the community they hope that their music will help other communities learn more about the Bangladeshi community in Australia. We see the big picture in Sangbad Australia.

Like MicJa production on their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MicjaProductions

From left Aayan Ahmed -…

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