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Drawing Class in Remembrance of 21st February

Bangla Academy Australia to start a special drawing class in remembrance of 21st of February (Ekushe February) from 1st of February. Professor Naima Haque chairman of Graphics Design from the department of fine arts the University of Dhaka will be heading the classes alongwith the singer and associate professor Nasim Ahmed Nadvi, Shanto Mariam from the University of Creative Technology and Anindita Ahmed from Bangla Academy Australia.

Class timings are:

February 1 – Epping Centre from 10AM – 3PM
February 2 – Lakemba Centre from 10AM – 3PM
February 9 – Lakemba Centre from 3PM

For application and more information please contact anindita.ahmed@banglaacademy.com or 0401 065 297

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In Bangladesh, 21 February is observed as Language Movement Day, a national holiday. The Shaheed Minar monument was constructed near Dhaka Medical College in memory of the movement and its victims.