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Sangbad Australia Talkies – A new beginning


We have been of the hook for a past few months as we were working on our new venture “Sangbad Australia Talkies”. Sangbad Australia Talkies is our video initiatives, a forum to unfold stories of individuals contributing and connecting to ...

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Spiritual Journeys – The Mystical Mela Part One

Neon peacock

It’s around eighteen months since I was at the 144th Maya Kumbh Mela – a predominantly Hindu festival, where all spiritual leaders and the public, whatever their beliefs, are welcome. The imprint of this mystical adventure will be forever with ...

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Part 4: Stories on the impact of climate change on Bangladeshi peoples

soaring temperature in bangladesh

Winter has finally arrived in Australia and it’s cold. Most of us have long forgotten the unusually warm autumn days that hit much of the country – just over a month ago -in May. The Climate Council has called the ...

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The Rana Plaza building collapse, one year on

Photo Credit: Nicola Bailey/ActionAid

How you can support workers and their families involved in fires and building collapses in Bangladesh By now, most people are aware of the tragedy that unfolded in Bangladesh a year ago today when the Rana Plaza building collapsed and ...

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Racial discrimination act forum with Subcontinent Communities


Join a panel of community leaders to discuss the future of racism in Australia. Share your experiences. Learn more about the government’s proposals to weaken racial discrimination law.

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What would you do if you were forced to make a choice about the best way to die?


Imagine you are an 18 year old woman; you have been working in a garment factory in Bangladesh since you were 13 years old and you have worked in several different factories, the latest one for three years. You produce ...

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Poth Productions, showcasing Bangladeshi culture


Bangladeshis have continued to migrate to Australia either as professionals or students. Over the last two decades Australia has been a destination of choice for  Bangladeshis to migrate to. With the higher number of Bangladeshis the showcasing of Bangladeshi culture ...

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Part 3: Stories on the impact of climate change on Bangladeshi peoples


Bangladesh is a country that is significantly impacted by climate change, even though like many developing countries, they did little to cause it. Each month this column will bring the story about how a changing climate has impacted on people ...

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Commemoration of Ekushe February by Bangladesh Society of Sydney


Bangladesh Society of Sydney had commemorated Ekushe February (21st February) AKA the International Mother Language Day on last Sunday the 23rd of February at Rockdale Bangala School hall with community members around Rockdale and Kogarah areas and with all the ...

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Review of Bangla Theatrical Bibisaab


Let me start by quoting a recent social network post by a friend of mine “I have been living in Sydney over 11 years now where I have never came across or experienced any act as such on the stage”, ...

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